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Your garden with a unique design

For each Garden Design I undertake there is a process I follow that is comprised of several stages - this ensures you get exactly what you want and need.

1. consultation

2. quotation

I will visit you to discuss your project and establish what you want
from your garden. We will consider: style, plants, materials,
features you like, and improvements to what you already have.

I will bring my portfolio so that you can see some of my previous work. This initial visit is free except that charges apply for travel outside of Lancaster.
Having had the opportunity to discuss your requirements, I will
issue a quotation, so far my prices have ranged between £450
and £1,200.

Once we are both agreed, we will arrange to survey the garden.
Surveying ensures accurate measurement of your garden,
marking existing features and plants to be kept onto a base plan, assessing soil and measuring changes in level as necessary.

3. design

I will create 2 - 3 sketch layout plans, showing areas of hard landscaping and planting, which we will discuss, leading to a decision on the final layout. I will bring pictures of plants and/or garden styles that we can shuffle through, rejecting any that don’t appeal to you.

I can then create the final working drawings, finalise a planting scheme and write a maintenance guide tailored to the needs of your new garden enabling you to care for it once completed.

All my plans are hand drawn to scale, enabling a landscaper to undertake the building of the garden. I also prepare construction drawings and/or sketches and will recommend reliable tradespeople to undertake the hard landscaping.

I will design your garden with your budget in mind, though designs can also be phased in over a number of years.
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Linda Secker Garden Design in Lancaster can save you precious time on a wide range of services.
We are now booking projects for 2012 onwards. Please get in touch for more information. 

garden design services

Solve general gardening problems with professional advice,
which can be backed up with a written report afterwards.
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Revitalise and rejuvenate existing borders with a new planting scheme.
Let me teach you how to look after your garden and prune your shrubs etc
Once the hard landscaping is completed I can source and supply plants and/or plant up the finished areas for you as required. Clients often ask me to source and supply the plants as they find this to be both cost effective and time-saving.
I will recommend dependable tradespeople, or if you are out of the area, I can give you some tips on how to find reliable people.
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Tel: 01524 37738 • Email: Click here
Linda Secker • 23 Balmoral Road • Lancaster • LA1 3BT

If you want to do the work (or some of it) yourself, I can make suggestions as to what to do first, what might be worth paying someone else to do, etc.






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